America We Need A Raise

There is a pronounced wealth divide between the rich and the middle class in the United States. And it is getting worse every day. Many Americans, perhaps even you, will not be able to retire when planned. The thought of enjoying the golden years is drifting away. Home ownership is in a decade-long decline. The American Dream is fading fast.

The decline of the middle class affects us all. The middle class drives the economy by spending money on consumer goods. The rich don’t spend and the poor don’t have the money. Increased middle class spending expands manufacturing which, in turn, creates more jobs. We need to save America’s middle class. But how? What can be done to save the middle class?

America We Need A Raise offers a roadmap for rescuing the middle class. Read this book to discover 12 things that Congress and Corporate America can do today to put more money in your hands and to grow the middle class.

"America, We Need A Raise by Mark Mullen is a rare gem - a ‘save the world’ book that could actually WORK." - Rating: 5.0 stars from Readers’ Favorite Reviews

Everybody wants their chance at the American Dream. Unfortunately, that dream has been blocked by the incompetent government. Americans are frustrated. Mark Mullen understands and has solutions. Read his book and learn what can be done to save your Dream.



America We Need A Raise is a Readers' Favorite 2015 International Book Award Bronze Medal Winner in the non-fiction government/politics category.

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