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 Books by Mark Mullen

Understanding Global Warming

Understanding Global Warming Is humanity out of time on Earth as Stephen Hawkins suggests? Or is global warming just a one-time speed bump in the road for humanity?

America We Need a Raise

Everybody wants their chance at the American Dream. Unfortunately, that dream has been blocked by the incompetent government. Americans are frustrated. Mark Mullen understands and has solutions. Read his book and learn what can be done to save your Dream.

God and Science

God and Science What everyone ought to know about the Big Bang Science and evolution.

America We Have the Country We Want

We Have the Country We Want  because we refuse to make changes. Read this book to learn how and why the government, business, and the media encourage the status quo.

Understanding the Gender Wage Gap

Do corporations intentionaly pay women 79 percent of a man's salary? If true, why would any CEO ever hire a man?

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