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While Congress wrestles with articles of impeachment against President Trump a far more dangerous risk goes unnoticed and unanswered as they surreptitiously whittle away our bank accounts, our hopes, and our dreams for a better and safer tomorrow. This opponent has been assaulting America relentlessly for over four decades. To make matters worse, the attackers are Americans. Their victims are school children, the poor, and the middle class. They work out of sight in secret rooms and hallowed halls. When they speak, they use the language of Patriots. But make no mistake, their goal is the same as the Russians: world dominance at the expense of the American middle-class.   


What we think, what we are taught, what we are paid for our work, when and where we go to war, and who wins political office have all been staged by men and women we have never heard of.  These stealthy elites have long waged clandestine battles for control of the American mind. Behavior modification wasn’t developed just for school-aged children. For those who actually control America trade in deceit and sleight of hand. When exposed, their exploits reveal a hideous hidden agenda designed to impoverish most Americans.


Who Controls America unearths the secret games of exploitation and illuminates the world of covert partnerships created by unfamiliar ideologues designed to acquire most of the nation’s wealth and power. In Who Controls America, Mullen shines a light on those who place greed, power, and profits above the interests of the American citizen and the pursuit of the American Dream. Politics, the economy, the educational system, trade, the stock market, and foreign policies are all controlled by small undisclosed groups. And they don’t work for the interests of the everyday American citizen.


Can they be stopped? Who Controls America doesn’t just expose those who battle for control of your life. Mullen shares actions the American middle-class can take to gain back control of our country and the American Dream that eluded so many of our citizens.

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