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While Congress wrestles with possible Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, a far more dangerous group of American citizens go unnoticed as they whittle away middle class liberties and freedoms. No, it’s not the much-maligned super wealthy, the top one-tenth of one percent money earners. The ultra-rich, like Gates, Buffett, and Zuckerberg are relatively open and vocal about their agenda’s. But those who actually control America trade in deceit and sleight of hand. When they do speak, they use the language of Patriots. But their actions reveal a hideous hidden agenda designed to impoverish most Americans.


What we think, what we are taught, what we are paid for our work, when and where we go to war, and who wins political office have all been staged by men and women we have never heard of.  The Washington Swamp elitists have long waged clandestine battles for control of the American mind. Behavior modification wasn’t developed just for school-aged children. Who Controls America unearths the secret games of exploitation and illuminates how banks and private institutions create situations that bring about economic depression, war, and poverty. American politics, the economy, educational system, and foreign policies are controlled by small groups, and they don’t work for the interests of the everyday citizen.


Passionately argued, superbly researched, Who Controls America doesn’t just expose the elitist attempts to control your life. It connects actionable recommendations that can give control of our country, and the American Dream, back to the American people where it belongs.

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Do corporations intentionaly pay women 79 percent of a man's salary? If true, why would any CEO ever hire a man?

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